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Toddler Sheets

How to Make a Toddler Bed

  • Strip old sheets, blankets and other bedding from the toddler bed

  • If using a mattress pad, put pad on crib mattress starting with one corner

  • The fitted sheet should go on after the mattress pad, or before any other bedding

  • Next, if using, the flat sheet goes on top of the fitted sheet. Tuck the flat sheet in at the bottom of the bed so it doesn't shift

  • If using a toddler pillow, put on the pillowcase and place on bed

  • For extra warmth, a blanket or comforter can be added on top of the sheets

  • A cute quilt or duvet cover serves dual purpose for both décor and comfort

  • Finish making the toddler bed by adding any decorative pillows or accessories

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