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Girls Bedroom: Tween Floral

If your daughter making the transition from child into teenager, it might be time for some tween girl bedroom ideas. Tween years can be a difficult and transitional stage in a young girl's life, so we think it's important for her bedroom to feel like a safe haven where she can express her personality and feel comfortable. With our pretty floral theme, she can show off her girly side in a cool, mature way that updates the room from its old little kid style. We used our pretty floral bedding as the focal point for our inspiration room. Adding wall art is a perfect means to let your daughter express herself in a stylish way that adds visual interest to the room. Other fun accessories and decor continue to make this room age appriorate for your tween. Try adding a modern, graphic rug and garland for pops of color. You can use our inspiration room as a starting point to customize the floral bedroom of your tween's dreams.

  • Aesthetic: Floral and sophisticated.

  • Colors: Grey, aqua and white.

  • Gender and Age: Girls ages 8-13 years old.

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